London Events


Women of Excellence

A Joint Effort

A group of faithful men gather every Saturday morning for prayer. Most are Christian Businessmen who want to see God move through them and make a difference in the city.  Their wives often ask about having a gathering of their own.  As a result, a special event will be arranged approximately every 3 months.  It is open to every woman but registration is required so that we prepare enough refreshments and ensure that there is enough room for everyone. 

About Your Host

Laurie is the Founder of The Christian Women Fellowship and has coordinated Women's events in the past.  She is a Christian Speaker, Author, and Recording Artist.  During this event, she will be sharing music ministry, and speaking.  Laurie will share the exciting vision for women's ministry and the heartbeat of how God is moving through Women of God.  We will have an opportunity for prayer and fellowship. Maggie Robichaud will be the worship leader at this event.

Register For This Event. 

The event is held at the lovely RoyalView Cafe, located inside Royalview Church. The charming atmosphere seats approximately 40 people.  Seating is limited Please don't hesitate to get your tickets. Tickets are $10 per person. This ensures that the Cafe rental and expenses are covered. Refreshments will be served.

Since seating is limited, please notify us if you register and are not able to attend. We can then make your seat available to someone who hasn't registered yet.  Thank you